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Customized Umbrellas: A New Way to Impact Advertising

With the growing competition in today's market, it's necessary for companies to plan strategies in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and reach their target audience. Customized umbrellas appear as a solution that goes beyond traditional Out-Of-Home media, as they not only guarantee increased Brand Awareness through promotion and experiential marketing, but also foster brand engagement on social media and advertising reach.

The strategy of paint the city with the brand's colors through shared umbrellas is effective in increasing company's Brand Awareness due to constant presence in daily life, especially on rainy days, at various points in the city, and remaining in the minds of consumers. In addition, it is a creative way to stand out by being different and ensure its place in the market due to high exposure.

With customized umbrellas, the brand stands out in the city, generating an unforgettable experiential marketing while protecting the population against weather surprises. This action tends to generate buzz in the media, as people like to share unique and different moments on social media, especially when it's an Instagrammable moment, further promoting the brand that chose Rentbrella as its media, ensuring a positive impact for the company and increasing visibility among the public.

Updating and reinventing the most traditional way of advertising is the solution to positively impact your audience and generate brand recall. Currently, it is important to seek and plan actions that transform people's routines in order to increase brand recognition, and therefore, shared umbrellas from Rentbrella appear as the perfect solution for advertising.


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